"In the footsteps of little Apush"



The museum-estate of the adoptive father of Gabdulla Tukai – Sagdi Salikhov is located in the village of Novy Kyrlay. Tukai wrote about his arrival in this village: "Here's Kyrlay. Sagdi's house, it turned out, stood not far from the outskirts. After driving a little, we stopped near a low hut with a thatched roof...". (Gabdulla Tukai. What I remember about myself. 1909). Before the 90th anniversary of the birth of Gabdulla Tukai, the estate of his adoptive father Sagdi Salikhov was restored on the place where Tukai lived.
Inside the house, participants will be presented with a recreated atmosphere of bygone times. Such an environment will help each visitor to plunge into another century in which little Apush lived. Life in Kyrlai, the poet recalled with sadness in the poem "A holiday in childhood": "What poet will not be sad, remembering the days of childhood? But we are also sad about them, they are so sweet to us." Memorial and household furnishings are presented here: household items and labor of the Tatar people of the late XIX- early XX centuries. A valuable exhibit is a frying pan that belonged to Tukai's adoptive father, inherited by Sagdi Salikhov's younger brother.
As part of the visit to the Sagdi House, the participants of the event will visit the literary and sculpture park, a kind of "open-air museum", where there is a thematic exposition and metal sculptures of Sagdi Abzy and little Apush, as well as the heroes of the tales of Tukai – Vodyanaya, Shurale and Byltyr.