"The life and work of Gabdulla Tukay"



The Gabdulla Tukai Museum is located in a beautiful corner of his native land, on the banks of the Oia River, among curly birches, with an elegant carved ornament in the form of solar lights. Next to the museum there is a monument to the poet, as if he himself welcomes the guests who came to him. The poet is sitting on a bench, as if waiting for a meeting with his fictional fairy-tale heroes: Shurale and Vodyanoi. Behind the museum we are met by the sculpture ensemble "Dancing Shurales" (author B.I. Urmanche).
As part of the event, its participants will get acquainted in detail with the literary and artistic biographical exposition on the ground floor, as well as with works of fine art dedicated to the life and work of Gabdulla Tukai, located on the second floor.

In the exposition of the first hall there is the world of childhood, the world of images and impressions of Tukai's childhood. Here you can see the things that are mentioned in the poems and memoirs of the poet.

In the second hall, you can get acquainted with the Ural period of Tukai's life. In this hall, visitors are interested in a typographic printing press of the late nineteenth century.

In the third hall we will learn about the poet's life and work in the Kazan period. Here you can see the poet's entourage and lifetime publications, the newspaper "Reforma", the magazines "Lightning", "Zarnitsa", "Consciousness" and other printed publications with which Tukai worked closely.

The section "Tukai will live forever!" presents various publications of Gabdulla Tukai and publications about him in Tatar, Russian and many other languages of the peoples of the world and materials of fine art based on the poet's works.

On the second floor in two halls there are works of fine art by famous artists such as: F.A. Aminov, S.O. Lyvin, H.M. Kazakov, F.S. Khasyanova, I.K. Kolmogortsev.